New Zealand: So close, so far

by | Mar 24, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Welcome to the New Zealand Team blog bro! 

We’re excited that you’ll be coming along for the ride with us over the next week. 

As a team, we’re a diverse bunch. We’ve got Australians, Chinese, Koreans, Kiwis and even an American for a good mix. 

Yet as we think about heading over to NZ to take part in mission, we’ve been reminded of two key things. 

Firstly – NZ is really close. In fact, our flight will be even quicker than the Perth’s team, only taking us 3 hours to make it to another country. 

But secondly – we’ve been reminded that NZ is very different from Australia. Even though many things will feel familiar, there is a big divide in how they think about religion and God in general. 

And so, give thanks that modern technology allows us to so quickly cross the oceans of the world. But please pray for us, that we’ll be wise in working out what’s culture and what’s gospel as we head over.