Going up to the High Places

by | Mar 25, 2017 | 2017 Mission

What’s the collective noun for theological college students? A Crowd? Commission? Disturbance?

Well, whatever it is, one such group has landed in Guyra and Glen Innes. Repeat, we have landed in Guyra and Glen. Team GG is on the ground. This is not a drill.

 Who are we, the locals ask? They’ll certainly be able to spot us around town this week – we’re the ones looking slightly lost, and dressed as though we’ve prepared for the ice age. Apart from that we look relatively normal (at least, we like to think so). However, there is one defining feature of our group, and it’s not something visible per se. Rather, it’s who we follow. We follow Jesus Christ, and he’s the one uniting our group of diverse individuals. In fact, he’s the whole reason we’re here.

 This week we’ll be helping out at various events around these two towns. We’re keen to meet the people of Guyra and Glen and to demonstrate what we believe not just in words, but in action. We believe that God loves the people here, so we want to love the people here too. That’s why we’ve come!

 Please pray for us as we meet the members of these communities, hear about their journeys, and seek to share the hope we have in Jesus. We want to be a disturbance of students in the best sense: here to learn, here to teach, here to love.