All roads lead to Perth

by | Mar 26, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Praise be to our God and Father. In his great providence, he has blessed us in the Heavenlies with Lala Land and season 4 of Brooklyn 99. It was a long and dangerous journey to this faraway land on the West Coast – many of us are still recovering with #morejetlagthanjapan. Thankfully the night noodle markets brought some multicultural comfort to weary travellers.

The city is beautiful, and spacious, and sunny, and – let’s be honest – #perthisok! and it certainly does not have an inferiority complex with the east coast. A glorified country town, Perth is refreshingly laid-back, relaxed, and calming after the hustle and bustle of Sydney. 

Not a giant maccas at Elizabeth Key

Yet despite the radiant beauty, we are reminded that Satan employs his greatest western weapon – comfort. Rich, prosperous self sufficiency ensnares hearts. Progressive philosophy immobilises truth. The Church is outdated, and there is a deep hostility toward Christianity. But they cannot lean on deep evangelical roots like Sydney, rather they labour to lay a fresh foundation.

Consider the fact that we didn’t actually attend our partner church today, since this is one of a multiple Sundays on which they cannot access their venue – not an uncommon experience in Perth. 

Despite this, the Church is hungry for sweet Gospel honey. While the city busies itself mining for perishable riches, Christians here mine the depths of Scripture for the unfading riches of God. 

Our hope and prayer is that the Light of the World will shine his rays on sunny Perth this week (and beyond), and that as we labour alongside christians here we would be encouraged, stretched, broken for the Gospel cause, and renewed in faith. Please pray along with us, so that we can say into eternity, #PerthIsOK! 

Team Perth.