New Zealand Day 2: Popcorn please!

by | Mar 26, 2017 | 2017 Mission

We wandered into Westfield and right past the ticket booths. Surrounded by the buzz of anticipation we settled into the comfort of a cinema chair, and… ‘welcome to Auckland Evangelical’.
Later, after some fantastic lunches talking evangelism with our connect groups (growth groups/bible study groups) and some walk up evangelism with our Unichurch groups (so good!), we wandered through the foyer and the double doors. Surrounded again by the anticipatory buzz we sat down behind the desks of a lecture theatre, and … ‘welcome to Unichurch!’

St Luke’s EV cinema style

From one theatre to another, it’s been a great reminder that church is more than the seats we sit in. (Though personally I could happily petition for more cinema lounges and lecture tables to make an appearance in church gatherings!)

Unichurch EV (so much room for taking notes!)

It’s been a great day filled with so many introductions to brothers and sisters we already have so much in common with but are only just meeting! What a joy it’s been! So many plans and prayers for sharing the gospel with this city have been made and prayed today and we’d love you to join us in praying that many gospel conversations would come out of today’s planning.