Only in the Country!

by | Mar 26, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Do you know what the process of sheep-crutching involves? We didn’t either! Until some of the team visited the church congregation at Dundee this morning, and had their very own practical lesson. Now there’s something they don’t teach us at college!

The practical challenges extended both ways. “When the light of the world comes, he exposes our hearts and sees where we stand. So, where do you stand?” This question, and others, were posed across the five church services attended by our team today where Sam, Jordan and Tristan all had opportunities to preach. Sunday School at Glen and Guyra both took an artistic bent, and the kids at Guyra were especially engaged with Rhys’ teaching on the way Jesus takes our ‘dirty shirts’ and gives us clean ones instead (“just put it in the washing machine!”).


We’re feeling warmly welcomed by the hospitality shown to us by the locals, and we’re keen for the opportunities we’ll have to get to know them better over the coming week. Tonight Jordan will be preaching again at youth group in Glen Innes, and we hope our team will be an encouraging example to the youth of this town.
Just quietly, we’re also hoping they may be willing to offer us ‘Sheep Hygiene: Part2’. Stay tuned.