Praising the King in Kingsford

by | Mar 26, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Praising the king of Kingsford, the Lord Jesus Christ, was fantastic today. The Moore college mission team was able to attend both 8am and 10am services. Each had their own individual flavor, but both were done for the glory of God.

At the 8am traditional gathering, we sung from the hymn book and prayed from the prayer book. Although the age gap between students and congregation was very much different, we all had one thing in common, the saving grace of Jesus. This was so clearly seen in Jess’s testimony – her struggles of “keeping the Christian rules” only to realize that her obedience doesn’t get her into Heaven to the father, but that Jesus’ obedience alone can do this. Jess said she looks forward to the many more years of learning this truth, much like those of the congregation have over their lives. What an encouragement made possibly by this diversity of age!     

Also at the 8am gathering, our own Ben Connelly in 4th year preached from 2 Peter. He talked about how God has judged the earth before, seen through the great flood of Noah’s time, and that he will do it again. But just like God graciously saved Noah from that, God has saved those who believe in his Son from judgement and has made them righteous. Hallelujah!

Then at the 10am church gathering, we continued to sing to our lord, however this time another took the pulpit. Sam Terry from 4th year preached about the inevitability of death and the sadness of this reality. But the great news and hope that lies in Christ’s resurrection.


But Moore mission teams don’t just get up and preach out of thin air. These two men worked so hard behind the scenes of Moore mission so that the message of Christ can be preached as faithfully as possible. What does that look like you ask? Good question blog-viewer!

For a fully immersive blog experience, we have included some visuals:


It looks like diligent hours in the text to get at the heart of its meaning and proclaim it clearly.

For some like Sam, the difficulty of study is acutely noticed when commentaries don’t give up their secrets as easily as you’d hope,  but within a few days he was able to read books upside down with ease. And the result? A congregation encouraged because of the foundation of Jesus’ resurrection.

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