Sunday in the Cove

by | Mar 26, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Today we were fed. Twice.

At 8 am on Sunday morning the team arrived at St Andrew’s, Lane Cove. St Andrew’s is the larger of the two locations within Lane Cove and Mowbray Anglican Church, affectionately known as LCM Churches. We were ready for a big day at church, with three services at Lane Cove (8 am, 10 am and 5 pm) and one service at Holy Trinity, Mowbray (9 am).

LCM Churches are using the extra people power of Moore Mission to kick off a whole MONTH of mission! We’re partnering with them as they seek to engage the local community with the Gospel in the lead up to Easter. We’re looking forward to a week of special events aimed at those who don’t usually come to along to church.

In line with the start of a month of mission, today marked the start of a new sermon series titled If I Were God…

This series will explore some tough thoughts about God and help people grapple with some of the questions they might have about Christianity. Today’s topic had no shortage of challenges, as we explored suffering and the thought if I were God, I’d put an end to cancer.”

Pedro and Alex were up to the challenge as they preached from God’s word at two services each to help the people of Lane Cove and Mowbray think through Jesus’ response to the suffering of the paralysed man in Luke 5:17-26.

Stuart and FriendBot-3000 (aka Victor) helped the families in the 10 am service see that just fixing the outside won’t fix our biggest problem. We need Jesus, the powerful son of God, to fix our sin!

A number of the team were able to share their testimony at the different services and help out in the children’s and youth programs.

In the afternoon Mellisa, Lauren, Jamie and Antony ran workshops on how to pray and read the Bible at church. A number of people on the roster, whether newcomers or veterans, came and took part in the workshops.

But perhaps the best parts of the day were the meals lovingly made by the people of LCM Churches after the 10 am and 5 pm services. We were able to share lunch and dinner with so many different people and had a great time getting to knowing our new friends and being incredibly encouraged by their love for their community and for God.

We’re all exhausted after a big Sunday, but we’re excited for the week ahead!


Please pray with us:

  • Thank God for Darren and the team at LCM Churches and their love for their local area.
  • Pray that people will be bold and invite their friends to the different events on over the coming month.
  • Ask that the Moore Mission team will plan well tomorrow for the remainder of the week.
  • Ask that those who heard the message today will be able to rejoice in the hope that is found in Jesus.