And so it begins…

by | Mar 27, 2017 | 2017 Mission

With three services over twelve hours, Day 2 was long and tiring, but kicked off our super exciting week of mission with the saints at St Mark’s Bellerive.

The 8.30am service. Jack testified to God’s work through his missionary grandparents and parents, and how his own resistance to God was futile. There were a few ‘firsts’ – Alan had never preached to an early morning congregation and Susan had never enjoyed wafer bread nor wine from the common cup (Chris gave a timely explanation of the finer details).

The 10am service saw Danae survive a public grilling by a spunky young interviewee about her bible literacy (she passed) and her favourite ice cream, choc mint. On the theme of ‘hope’, Susan shared her testimony of the hope for the best life possible through Christ, and Chris preached about the messianic hope in Isaiah 11. One highlight was an invite from the front for the kids to grab an instrument and play along to the first two songs; another was enjoying the improvisational musical talents of kids brave enough to step up to the plate!

An afternoon break gave team members a chance to enjoy Hobart with their hosts. There was a visit to the historic town of Richmond, home to the oldest bridge still in use in Australia, and samplings of Hobart’s fine culinary delights: Valhalla ice cream, the Last Rites “Horn of Diligence” Pale Ale and a lunch at Smolt restaurant at the famous Salamanca Square.

At the 6pm service, Tom Pountain, riding a wave of evening exuberance, called on young adults to commit to Christ (Rom 5). Kate gave a heartfelt testimony about how true knowledge of Jesus broke down her compartmentalised life, and caused her to give herself over fully to Him and His people. People stayed after the service, giving us a chance to get amongst younger members of the church and encourage them to weather the pressures of being a Christian in a post-Christian world.

And then the day ended. We may have wrapped up the day bleary eyed, but deeply enthused about the church and the township. It was a privilege for us ‘mainlanders’ to enjoy fellowship with our Hobartian friends and we are so thankful to God for the chance to partner with them on His mission to the wider community this week.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for attendance at each of the evening events this week: a curry night with young adults on Monday, a seminar on theological study on Tuesday, three home groups on Wednesday, youth group on Friday and the women’s dessert night on
  • All team members will be giving talks during the week. Please pray for faithful, loving and sensitive preaching and God’s merciful and gracious work in using what we say to reach into the hearts of people to compel a saving response to His truth.
  • Doorknocking and letterbox drops. We will be knocking on doors and dropping fliers into letterboxes around the local area about the church’s Easter events. Please pray for courage and wisdom as we do this, and for friendly and open engagement with the community.