Day Two

by | Mar 27, 2017 | 2017 Mission

After the morning team meeting the group divided and conquered.

Some of the team helped run the morning playtime group for 0-5yrs at the church. We were grateful for the opportunity to serve in children’s ministry, although some of the team got a bit too carried away.






While another group traveled to Beechwood Nursing Home to help run the monthly service. We were able to liven the resident’s day with some acoustic music, a testimony, sermon (from Seb Lane) and communion.

The effectiveness of familiar liturgy was especially felt as many of the residents who were regular church goers were able to join in.

In the evening we had a Texan BBQ night; strictly for the men! Calvin, one of the brilliant members of Panania Anglican spent countless hours preparing smoked meat that would put even the most redneck of Texans to shame. The meat was so good that the Moore college students were left wondering whether this Calvin is the most influential Calvin in the Christian faith.





There was over 100 men chatting (occasionally when they weren’t ripping meat to shreds), plenty of eating, drinking and good fun had by all.






Michael Freeman shared his testimony which was enormously encouraging for the Christians in attendance and a real invite to anyone who does not follow Jesus as Michael spoke about the way Jesus has transformed his life and the great comfort he received from God as he fought depression.



“What do you call 12 men lining up for a hair cut? A barbecue.”

George Athas gave a great talk for the men which began by recounting his personal experiences with BBQs large and small, then he gave us the biblical perspective on BBQs. The BBQ where the meat was brought, partly burnt to God, and partly eaten by the people. The place where Israelites would share in a meal with God. How profound, that God would reach out to us, and create this as a reminder of repentance, then his relationship.
There were 30-40 friends/family invited who would have heard the gospel preached clearly for either the first time, or for the first time in a long time.
The night was a huge success and there is high hopes that we will see many of the men that visited tonight again soon.