Making Jesus known in Malabar

by | Mar 27, 2017 | 2017 Mission, Uncategorized

Meet our Moore Mission Team – we’re not in Japan, or New Zealand, or Perth – no, our team has travelled as far as Malabar for Moore Mission, because they need to know Jesus too!

Now you may be thinking that mission is a walk in the park for us as Bible College students, but I think we probably get just as nervous about knocking on doors, inviting strangers to church as you do! With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know about what we’re up to, along with our thoughts before and after we head out doing what we do this week, helping St Marks Anglican reach the people of Malabar.

Our hope, is that you may be encouraged by what’s going on this week in Malabar, and that you might even be convinced that you needn’t have to travel overseas to be on mission, but we can start by knocking on our own neighbour’s door!

Matt  Sheridan 
BEFORE | Visiting Anglicare Chesalon Nursing Home
“I’m feeling nervous around delivering a bible talk to the elderly at short notice, in an unfamiliar environment, to people I’ve never met. Also understanding and relating to people from a  very different life-stage to my own!”

AFTER | Anglicare Chesalon Nursing Home
“I’m thankful to have seen the ministry that takes place at Chesalon
Thankful for the way many were able to engage with gospel ministry particularly through song.
It was great to have met an elderly man who, though a self described agnostic, appreciated the service and sang joyfully about the friendship of Jesus and his love.”


BEFORE | Day Off
We’re excited to have a day off tomorrow, but after only two days of mission, we really don’t want to lose the small amount of momentum we’ve gained as a team. Hopefully we’ll have good rest before a packed 5 days!


  • In thanks for the many people we met today, knocking on doors, inviting them to St Mark’s Easter services
  • In thanks for the ministry opportunities we were afforded on Sunday, helping St Mark’s with running Sunday school, preaching and growth groups
  • For the wonderful opportunity to share Jesus with the residents of Anglicare Chesalon