Off to a quick start

by | Mar 27, 2017 | 2017 Mission

The Panania team arrived bright and early for the 8am traditional service. Dave Bingelli preached up a storm on Isaiah 52 and then we met the more ‘mature’ members of Panania Anglican. We were greatly encouraged to hear their stories and transformations over the year and hearing stories about people who have seen friends and family that they had been praying for over 20 years come to know Jesus.

The 10am service saw Brad take us through Luke 5 and leaving us all motivated to be fishers of men! Meanwhile half the team were in kids church explaining the Easter story to more than 80 kids and youth.

Dave and Sue Milne then treated us to a brilliant BBQ lunch that had the fuelled and ready for door knocking.

The team then went door knocking. Most people were polite but not particularly interested, however some of us were able to have quite deep interactions with people and one pair was even able to pray for a woman they met. Others found very weird doormats that left us confused and not sure what to do; so we just shook the dust off our feet and left.



At the 6pm service Jimmy preached on Psalm 96 and helped us capture the glory of God and made us want to go out and share our enjoyment of him with the people of Panania.

We then enjoyed some Pizza and dessert with the young adults and were encouraged by the next generation of leaders coming through Panania.

Overall the team felt we were off to a good start we lots of pleasant and encouraging encounters with the church and with the locals. We are now beginning to gear up to the big open day next Sunday!!