Why are you excited for Mission?

by | Mar 27, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Before we started mission, i asked four of our team members:

“Why are you excited for mission?”

Here are their responses:

Image may contain: 2 people Marcelo Morbelli

The rain is gone, the sun is out, it must be time for mission! I am looking forward to putting the books down, escaping the classroom and spending a week solely focused on sharing Jesus with the people of Parramatta. No more paradigms, textual criticism and Oliver O’Donovan (for a week at least)! We have the privilege of joining St John’s yearly mission, CityFest, that they run. This will be my first college mission experience where we join an already existing mission. I am really looking forward to learning from the saints in Parramatta about how they reach their local community and being helpful wherever possible, as they seek to proclaim the gospel with their neighbours, friends, family and workmates.


I’m excited about mission because I get to spend a whole week trying to tell people about Jesus in the heart of Parramatta. I get to explain just how much we all need God’s mercy and forgiveness and just how freely and willingly He offers it to us through the Lord Jesus.  Best news ever!

John Costin

I am excited to be getting out of the classroom and getting the privilege of serving a church in reaching there community. I am excited about being forced into more practice at cold contact evangelism. You could say that I have a strong love-hate relationship with walk-up evangelism. But these people need to hear the gospel and I just need to remember that God is good and can save people through even my stumbling and awkward words.

Dan McKinlay

I’m excited to be a part of the 200 year long ministry at St John’s, reaching out to the locals of ‘The Western Settlement’ by sharing the gospel of God’s Son… and also sampling the local culture (and by culture I mean food).