Two Judges

by | Mar 28, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Three Scripture assemblies, English conversation classes, a bunch of growth groups, and a scholar.

One of the privileges of living in NSW is the ability to teach SRE in local public schools. One of the privileges of being in a parish that covers multiple suburbs is teaching SRE in three different primary schools! Today two separate teams went to Lane Cove West Public School and Mowbray Public School to run Easter Assemblies. Over the three assemblies that happened hundreds of children were able to hear how at Easter we celebrate the fact that Jesus has dealt with our sin by dying on the cross and rising again, opening up the way to Heaven! We saw that even though a judge sentenced Jesus to death instead of Barabbas, it was all part of God’s big plan. The LCM Moore Mission team stretched our creative muscles as we sung songs, played games and made fools of ourselves in skits to help the children of these schools engage with Jesus over the morning. 

While SRE was happening, some of the team were at an English conversation class. This was an excellent opportunity to help some of those in the area get connected with LCM Churches and build up their English skills.

Over the afternoon and into the evening students split into pairs and joined the growth groups that run regularly here at LCM. We were able to join all sorts of people at different ages and stages, and share with them some of the reasons why we are studying at Moore College, and why we love telling people about Jesus. Alex, the host of one of the growth groups, told me that he loves seeing us come and join in with mission as it gives him a new energy to spread the good news himself!

After looking at the judge (Pilate) send Jesus to the cross in the morning at SRE, we were confronted with our second Judge of the day. Professor Edwin Judge, an influential historian and scholar, is a member of LCM Churches and graciously agreed to come and talk with us for a couple of hours. This Judge was far more endearing than the nasty judge we had heard about in the morning! Professor Judge spoke about the changing landscape in the discourse of our society and was sure to include a number of cheeky anecdotes. We felt extremely blessed to have such a wise man come and speak to us in such a profound and humble way.

Tomorrow marks the last of the Easter Assemblies and even more growth group visits. Stay tuned!