Its hard work resting!

by | Mar 29, 2017 | 2017 Mission

The art of resting, oh dear reader, is near impossible to master, and further challenges are imposed when one is on mission. You’re here to serve the lord feverously after all! How can you rest?!

Indeed it takes faith and trust in God to rest well. knowing you are not the one at work, but he is. Trusting him to give you rest and strength to continue the work he has prepared for you. And so today the Kingsford Mission team rested. We did this together as we gathered for a meal known to the cultured and civilized as “Brunch” (a mixture of breakfast and lunch)  and for the not-so-cultured-and-civilized, like myself, it was “second breakfast” or better still “breakfast”.

But after this, we all went our separate ways to enjoy the day as we pleased.

So please do pray for us all as the day ends that we would have recuperated and replenished our energies to continue with the mission as the week goes on.