New Zealand Day 4 – Smell you later

by | Mar 29, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Today was day 4 and the plans you’re been praying with us about have kicked into action. After a team meeting debriefing about Sunday, we scattered across Auckland meeting up with Christians from church who wanted to chat through how to talk to their non-believing friends about Jesus or have a crack at both personal and cold contact evangelism. A few of us also joined the Explaining Christianity course at uni in the evening – it was so encouraging to see many Unchurchers bringing and engaging with their friend’s questions. (The questions were so good and there were so many that the post talk question time went for over an hour!)

Explaining Christianity on campus.

It’s only been one day and already it’s been such a joy partnering with our brothers and sisters here, seeing their intentionality and desire their friends and city to know Jesus. In the breaks between planned catch ups a bunch of the team has been seizing the opportunity to get stuck into some walk up evangelism across the university campuses and city square. We’ve begun to get a taste of the hard Kiwi apathy that the EV staff had prepared us for. But amongst the apathy there have been great reminders that the gospel is also the aroma of life to some.

Vinno, John and Sim gearing up for walk up.

John and Simeon had the incredible joy of sharing the gospel with an international student who soaked it up. As they shared the gospel and clarified to check he understood and wasn’t just being polite (classic New Zealand) the student grasped the gospel!
It’s as simple as that.
They shared the gospel, God opened his eyes and we gained a brother. Our God is very gracious and his news is attractive. It’s been a fantastic visible reminder that God’s word is indeed the power for salvation.

Please join us in praying that many more would smell the sweetness as the gospel is held out this week and that we and our EV siblings would keep compassionately seeking to share the gospel with those around us.