New Zealand Day 5: Walk up, meet ups and catch ups

by | Mar 29, 2017 | 2017 Mission

So what are we doing in NZ? Well in short – our goal this week is evangelism. We’re partnering with Auckland EV and catching up with its members to engage in evangelism in whatever way, shape or form. So this really gives us creative space to work out what this looks like. Here are some ways: 

So what are we doing tomorrow again?

Catch up

For some members, it was simply catching up with church members and chatting through what evangelism would like in daily life. 

Simeon catching up with a church member to chat about evangelism.

Meet- ups

For others, it was going to Bible studies and working out with the groups what evangelism would look like. Some groups had outreach events by inviting non-Christian friends along and some went through the motivations of our evangelism 

Scott, Hannah and half of Brian’s head, heading off to meet up with a Bible study.

Walk ups 

Still for others, it was taking people out on some cold-contact evangelism. Like all cold-contact evangelism, there were highs, lows and everything in between. As we shared in a team meeting today, some people had great conversations with people realising they needed to read the Bible. Some had outright rejections. And for many, there were simply conversations that were ‘ok’. 

Walk up team: Ready.

So what does doing a week of evangelism look like? Sometimes a full day of running around, sometimes just sitting down to pray and sometimes trying to work out what the next hour will look like.

However, the goal of all this is not simply to do a week of evangelism. Rather, we want to equip and help build a church that will be bold in telling their friends about Jesus. In some ways, the Mission team has the easy job of coming, telling and then going. But it will EV Church who have the hard job of continuing to follow up and preach the good news once we have left. 

Pray for weary team members who are feeling the physical and spiritual weight of preaching to the lost. 

Pray for EV Church, that God will use this week to keep shaping and equipping church members to preach to the lost.