On Wednesdays, We Sing Hymns

by | Mar 29, 2017 | 2017 Mission

When I soar through realms unknown,
Bow before the judgment throne,
Hide me then, my refuge be,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me.

What powerful words about our awesome God! This hymn was one of the special handful selected in the ‘favourite hymn’ sing-along at the senior’s luncheon today in Guyra. The songs were rich and plentiful, as was the food, and we were all encouraged by Carol, who spoke about how the words of Rock of Ages have held true in her life.

The crew in Glen Innes were also treated to a senior’s service and luncheon today. Matt had the opportunity to preach about Jesus calming the storm, and the whole team had the opportunity to watch Grimmo be pulled up to dance during the piano accordion sing-along afterwards!

This afternoon the team rendezvoused in Glen to meet with the Bishop of Armidale, Rick Lewers. He shared some insights into rural ministry and encouraged us to entertain the idea of going rural post-college. Whether any of us were swayed remains to be seen… crazier things have come from mission week!

As for the rest of today, there are youth girls to meet with, Bible studies to attend, and a ‘seminar-talky-type-thing’ at church in Glen, where Grimmo will speak about ‘suffering well’. Please pray for those who attend and are seeking answers about this sensitive topic, that God will comfort them by his love and empower them with the knowledge of his grace.