Pirates, stinky feet and Jesus!

by | Mar 29, 2017 | 2017 Mission

After our day of rest, came a great day of telling the Easter story to young people. First up, we had a ‘Special Religious Education’ Easter Assembly for Malabar Public School. Here we all learned that if we have stinky feet, our friends may not want to be near us until we wash them – fair enough! But the same is true with our hearts when don’t follow God – we can’t come near him. But how wonderful is it that God has promised to wash our hearts clean if we put our trust in Jesus!

In just a moment, Miles is about to lead a team who will run an after school club activity called ‘Kids Plus’. The activities are centred around the theme of Jesus, who is the most precious treasure we could find – so If you’re a pirate looking for treasure, you’ll want to find Jesus!

BEFORE | Kids plus
“Excited about friends inviting friends to hear about Jesus’ death and resurrection.
That they might come to know Jesus and enter his kingdom would be super!
Hopeful that the activities go as planned.”

Miles Stepniewski

Please Pray

  • In thanks that in NSW we still have the opportunity to teach scripture in schools – that God would preserve this privilege
  • For the young students of Malabar Public, that they would respond to the gospel message they heard today
  • In thanks for the opportunity to share Jesus at Kids Plus after school this afternoon