The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

by | Mar 29, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Prayers were answered and the knockabout weather cleared up for Day 4 in Hobart.  

With the morning sun warming the brisk air, we divided up and headed out to the three retirement villages around Bellerive. It was heavy going: we heard stories of newly employed carers crying through their first week of work and watched the elderly struggle with physical and mental infirmities. What a blessing it was for us to then spend time with them, speaking the hope of the gospel into their lives. It reinforced for us the importance of the chaplaincy work in these places, to show and proclaim the love of Christ, and to encourage the faithful to cling always to Him, our great shepherd.

We were all nerves in the afternoon, with our first session of door knocking. Some of us prayed in church before we headed out; others prayer-walked as they scoped out their routes. Alan and Cathy met a woman who, when invited to church, exclaimed “oh this is fantastic! I’ve been wanting to talk to someone about this and have been wanting to bring my son to church!”. Another, upon hearing that we were from the local church, couldn’t contain her excitement: “marvellous! Why don’t people do this more?!”. There were loads of wonderful conversations and whilst the overall response to our invites to know Jesus was mixed, we were all greatly encouraged by the preparedness of the community to give us their ears for a time.  

In the evening, a handful of people came to church to hear Bishop Richard Condie speak about the opportunities for theological study in Tasmania and other parts of Australia. Moore College was represented by Chris, Kate and Alan, who shared their experiences in a Q&A style format with the audience. At the same time, Susan and Cathy enjoyed fellowship with some of their sisters in Christ at the church, talking about their ministries as well as College.

A sumptuous supper spread followed, and we all ate too many sweets before heading home, giving thanks for another full and rewarding day with the saints in Bellerive. 

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for God’s comfort to residents of retirement villages in Bellerive. As they near the end of their lives and their bodies fail them, may they know God’s love and trust in His goodness. May God use chaplains in those villages to tell residents of the sure hope found in Christ.
  • Thank God for his mercy, in preparing the community to receive us and for using us as instruments of His grace. Please pray for God to be moving hearts, that people will come to the events being held at St Mark’s this week to hear more about Jesus.
  • Please pray for those thinking about theological study, that they will be wise and brave in making decisions to help them serve God and His people well. Pray for bible literacy to grow in Tasmania, and for God’s Word to dwell richly in the hearts of all believers.