Be there to knit-a-square

by | Mar 30, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Tonight we had a women’s event at Holy Trinity Kingsford. We were knitting squares to send to South Africa where a charity would assemble them into blankets to be given to aids-affected orphans. There was lots of tasty supper and conversations to be had while we knitted.

At the appointed time, Janette interviewed Lauren, and then Lauren spoke to us about the woman at the well, and how we so often go chasing after things that just don’t deliver, but how Jesus offers us eternal life, and he does deliver.

Earlier, in the afternoon we had a team training session and Louie gave us a talk on his experience with being intersex. It was a very enlightening session and quite helpful. I was particularly encouraged to see his faith in Christ shining through and making the immense pain in his life bearable. I was also encouraged by how he was researching a not widely well-understood-topic and also holding a deep conviction of the truth and reliability of the word of God.

Thank our Lord for saving Louie and giving him a deep realisation of the love of God. Please pray that God uses him to help train other Christians how to respond to the reality of intersex people, and that through this we as a church would be better equipped to reach out to marginalised groups in our midst. 

Also thank our Lord for the knit-a-square event tonight. Pray that those who came were encouraged by fellowship and Lauren’s talk, and challenged to see Jesus as the one who meets our deepest need.