Fruitful and Rest

by | Mar 30, 2017 | 2017 Mission

The team at Lane Cove – Mowbray have just had their rest day. 

Wednesday morning the team again was split into different locations and different activities. 

We had most of the team at Lane Cove running Junior Jivers, It was great to see so many from the local community come and partake in the activity. A few of the students were able to have some conversations with some of the parents and grandparents.

Harrison and Alex went to an Easy English Morning tea, where Alex spoke on what Australians do at Easter and Harrison was able to share his Testimony. Antony went and spoke at a 50+ lunch where he shared from Psalm 90. 

Paul and James got to visit a local Residential Aged Care Facility where Paul shared from Luke 15 how though the younger brother had left the father, The father welcomed him with open arms, that there is always grace and forgiveness found in God. James got to pray with a few of the residents.

The afternoon a few of the staff from LCM Churches shared with us their ministry experiences and gave us insight as to how to survive the first few years after finishing college. We also was spent time praying for all the conversations and interactions we have had. It was great as the whole team gathered sharing their various experiences of different ministries and hearing how God has been working. 

We are just past the half way point and Thursday was a rest day for the team, a couple members of the team Mez and Melody are currently unwell so this rest day came at a good time. Those who were able, gathered for a meal in Chatswood. We are excited for what the next few days bring, There will be a English Conversation Class and ESL Bible study, youth group, walk up evangelism, door knocking the list just goes on! Prayer points 

  • Those who are unwell that God would heal them and restore them 
  • Praise God for His faithfulness over all that has happened so far in mission
  • Praise God for the leaders and the saints at LCM Churches
  • Energy levels for the team that we would work hard and push through though some of us are tired
  • Evangelism opportunities in the coming days.