Grow with the flow

by | Mar 30, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Thursday, Day 5.

BEFORE | Scripture Assembly #2 + #3

Over the last few days, a solid 5 hours were spent grinding brains, writing, rehearsing and memorizing Stinky Feet: a skit, that we intended to use over 4 SRE assemblies. Because of recent scrutiny and reform on SRE, each teaching point must be framed with a politically correct disclaimer and the syllabus outline must be strictly respected. Wires were crossed, communication was lost in the garage of mission logistics. 

Boiled down: the Scripture team had between 9:33 to 10:30 today to cook up a new lesson before assembly #2. Our fingers were too busy typing and foraging through church cupboards for costumes to be tempted to scratch our heads or point fingers. It was time to sprint. The Spirit gave us anything we feared we lacked – improvisation included.

AFTER | Scripture Assembly #2 + #3

News to us, we had 5 minutes to drive between assembly 2# and #3. The rain poured. The kids were distracted. 

But it was okay. We learned to go grow with the flow.

It was yet another opportunity to rely on the God who became a man. The same God who suffered and died under Pilate and the scheme of religious leaders. The same God who was nailed to a cross beside criminals that very first Easter. And that was exactly what we had the immense privilege of sharing with the kids today.

(Stinky Feet: a skit, has now been immortalized as a one time only masterpiece.)

Erin McLean

BEFORE | Women’s Training Seminar

Erin was asked to do a seminar for the women at St Marks on Biblical Genres, that they would have further insight as they read and understand the Bible. 

“I felt quite nervous and unprepared. I didn’t start preparing until we were actually on mission, and even then there wasn’t much time.”


AFTER | Women’s Training Seminar

“I didn’t feel like it was very polished, but the women seemed to be grateful. I was pleased that be the end of the seminar the women had had a chance to look closely together at a psalm and appreciate the beautifully crafted poetry telling is of how wonderful God is.”




  • For the men’s (training) event tomorrow 
  • For the women’s (evangelistic) event on Saturday
  • For those on team who are battling sickness
  • That the door for SRE would stay open in Malabar, and in NSW
  • In thanks for the sacrificial, patient spouses of those on team