That Day I Warned You About Earlier… (AKA Thursday)

by | Mar 30, 2017 | 2017 Mission

That you are reading this, dear blog-viewer, means the tidal wave of Thursday has come and gone. There were 2 primary scripture assemblies, 2 high school scripture seminars, a seniors morning tea, a team meeting, an Intersex training seminar, a university Q&A, an evening of Knitting as an evangelistic event, plus a little bit of rain.

Enough said I think… Alright viewer, I will elaborate on this day’s events. But only because you asked so nicely.

This post will be about the scripture assemblies. (another post will deliver a cyclone of info on the other events)

Some of the team went to Rainbow Primary School. For a few of us, it was the first time or near first we had done primary school scripture. So in that sense, it was a really great opportunity for us to learn something new. Praise God for that!

The assemblies (only 30 minutes each) were really fun, not only for the kids but us too. We had a game, and a puppet show, and a story about Jesus’ resurrection, a short talk with the puppet and finally a memory verse. In all of which the kids behaved so well, and engaged really well too! Praise God!  

The team that went to Randwick Boys High School were equally positive about their experience. For some again it was a first in teenage ministry, and certainly, for the high school itself, Scripture hasn’t been run in that school for a long time. So this day was a real milestone. The pastor was even able to have a chat with the principal for the terms ahead and a scripture presence. Praise God!

Not only these wonderful things, but the assembly itself was a real blast. Grant in first year gave a talk on death and the resurrection of Christ as the answer to this problem. Then there were small discussion groups. This was an awesome opportunity for good gospel conversations. Muslims were told the gospel, some of our own team were able to see what the current climate was for spiritual belief after encountering reincarnation beliefs and otherwise. And some students left those groups having been challenged to look further into Christianity with a great sense of curiosity. 

Praise God for these wonderful outcomes, and do continue to pray for the seeds sown today that God would bring them to gospel fruit.