We’ve been exposed!

by | Mar 30, 2017 | 2017 Mission

Our infiltration of these country towns has not gone unnoticed!  Our presence here and our alien status has been announced to the public in the Guyra Gazette.  Fortunately the locals appear to be favourably disposed towards us, and have been accepting the bold invites of their friends to come and hear what we have to say. This is no time to retreat, it’s time to step up our activities!

Splitting our resources, today we targeted citizens from across the lifespan.  We danced with toddlers at a Mainly Music workshop and told them and their parents about the great God who made them.  We visited a nursing home to talk to the residents and sing of our great God who gave up his son so we could have a relationship with him.  We ran Easter assemblies for the primary school kids, who loved learning about the true meaning of Easter from Matt’s puppet Burt.  We chrunched on chips with high schoolers and challenged them to consider whether Jesus’ claims are true, and what would it mean for them if they are.  We spent time teaching youth some more music skills to help them better serve the Church with their skills.  And between all that, we still found time for encouraging chats over a cuppa, some even being treated to lunch at a lovely homestead and a four wheel driving tour of their farm.

Please be praying for all who heard the good news today, the offer of citizenship in our kingdom.  Pray for follow up conversations with them, and that many may come to follow our great King and saviour.  Pray also for the many similar activities happening again tomorrow.