Being fishers of men..and fish too (feat. Super Cosmic Spandex Man)

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Team Kingsford 17

Cosmic Hero of heavenly Proportions.

Would you believe, dear Blog-Viewer, that some people don’t believe superheroes are real?! Outrageous I know. Because today there was a real superhero in our midst at Holy Trinity Kids Club! He goes by the Alias “Super Cosmic Spandex Man” How could anyone doubt his abilities right? Well, it turns out Jesus was a better Savior than he was. And that’s ok, cause even “Super Cosmic Spandex Man” needs saving from death.

So today in Kids Club the Moore Team ran it. We played games, gave a fun talk, and then we made our own comics based on a rescue story. It was a great time and we met some wonderful people.



Fishing for men, and Black Fish on the side.

During this ordeal of rescuing, acting and drawing, the men went out to the rocks by the ocean to fish for men (metaphorically), while likewise doing some fishing on the side (literally). Sam and Kurtis even caught a fish each. Turns out Dan Wu isn’t confined to teaching theology but teaching fishers of men to literally fish too.

In regard to fishing for men though, Sam Terry did some Bible Story Telling of Jesus helping the disciples fish (John 21). Explaining how Jesus helps the helpless. Ben then gave his testimony and shared how Jesus provided him with peace and hope in a time of great medical need. It was a great time of sharing fellowship with church members and speaking to newcomers and visitors as an outreach opportunity. 






Praise God for all the wonderful events we were able to be a part of today. Pray for the parents that came along to Kids Club with their children, that they would return to church this weekend. Pray also for the Men who came along to the fishing activity, that they would likewise become part of the community of believers and Children of God.

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