It’s not a #MooreMission till…

by | Mar 31, 2017 | 2017 Mission

…You’ve embarrassed yourself in front of a bunch of primary school students. At least, that’s what Rory Shiner told us before we arrived in Perth. If that’s the case, then I guess the rest of the week has really just been a warm up for this morning, when we got to do just that at an Easter assembly in one of the local schools. 

I should mention that scripture in schools is a whole different ball game over here. Whereas in NSW and other states there is currently still legislation protecting the right of churches and other organisations to teach SRE, that is not the case in Perth. Over here, it’s all up to the individual school and principle, and opposition to SRE is not uncommon. Take for instance the fact that the school we went to this morning has just this year cut the number of terms for SRE from 4 to 2. Please pray that they would be able to continue teaching SRE in this school, and that other schools would allow it once again as well.

So it was a wonderful privilege to be entrusted with the opportunity to run the Easter assembly, and teach the kids what Christians believe about who Jesus is. We may have embarrassed ourselves, but praise God that the gospel was proclaimed loud and clear!

Team Perth