New Zealand Day 7: Two ways to what?

by | Mar 31, 2017 | 2017 Mission


When you are training someone for evangelism, eventually you have to hand over the reigns. Such was my experience with M today. An enthusiastic Christian, M was happy to have a go at sharing the gospel with a stranger. However, things took a strange turn as M tried to use ‘Two Ways to live’ with someone we met during walk-up. The intention was good – but there was only one problem – M didn’t quite remember how TWTL went. 

The new, modified, updated version of TWTL. Can you spot the differences?

Afterwards, M and I had a laugh about the moment when we both realised M was struggling with the different boxes.* That’s one of the joys of evangelism as a team. We could laugh about the moment and I could chip in to help out. More importantly, M recognised his need to actually learn how to present the thing he valued so much. In fact, he made a commitment to make sure that in a year’s time, he would be able to present the gospel properly.

Praise God!

Today we saw another person come to Christ! What a joy it’s been this week: many gospel conversations, a high number of second-time catch ups and people coming to know Jesus. It’s another reminder that God is working in the world right now. 

Some of the team members posing as a boyband…unrelated to the conversion story…but a nice picture.

Pray for church members at Auckland EV Church to be both convicted and equipped in sharing the gospel. 

Praise God that he is mighty to save in Christ Jesus. 


*This story and picture was used with M’s permission.