Evangelism like a cyclist

by | Apr 1, 2017 | Team Malabar 17

Yesterday we were very thankful to have Al Stewart (City Bible Forum, City East Fellowship Bondi) come and share with the team his thoughts on evangelism. I don’t see myself as particularly gifted in evangelism and I’m often in wonder of those people who seem to be able to ‘snowball’ relationships with people outside the church walls. Al’s advice: Don’t try to be like them, you’re not. Instead, try to hang around them as much as you can. What he meant by this, is that by finding that person who is constantly meeting new people and drawing them into relationship, you actually have the opportunity to meet many more people than you’d otherwise be able to on your own. Just like those pesky cyclists who stick together and work together on their super long rides, our ministry could benefit by us doing the same!

BEFORE | Kids Plus (continued from March 29)
“Excited about friends inviting friends to hear about Jesus’ death and resurrection.
That they might come to know Jesus and enter his kingdom would be super!
Hopeful that the activities go as planned.”

AFTER | Kids Plus
“They’re a great bunch of kids and seemed to get into the activities and the talk. I’m just glad I was able to meet them and share Jesus with them too.”
Miles Stepniewski

BEFORE | Thirst Youth Talk
“I’m just excited to do this talk – I’m not really sure what to expect from the youth, but I hope we are able to get some good godly conversations”

AFTER | Thirst Youth Talk
“I thought it went pretty well – I got more laughs than I was expecting! But ultimately they understood that before, we were dead in our sin, and after we are alive in Christ because of what he has done.”
Jie Yeo



  • Women’s high tea event – that as ladies from the church invite their friends, they may feel welcomed and would hear the gospel with open hearts and ears
  • Younglife morning prayer walk – really just that Dan’s knees won’t give while walking and praying from Bondi to Malabar!
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