If I were God, I’d get rid of Mondays

by | Apr 1, 2017 | Team Lane Cove and Mowbray 17

After a day off on Thursday catching up on sleep and checking out what Lane Cove and the surrounding areas had to offer, the team was back at it ready to finish off the week with a bang.

Friday morning saw another English conversation class and easy English Bible study run, where some of the team were able to meet people from all over the world who had moved to the area and invite them to the various things happening at LCM Churches over Easter.

Later that afternoon some of the team joined in with GBs, the children’s program that runs on Friday afternoons. Many of the children attended the local primary schools and recognised some of the team from SRE Easter assemblies earlier in the week. Later in the evening some more of the team went along to LCM Youth and were able to spend time with the young people of the area.

Some of the Moore team with the LCM Youth team.

While both of these events were running there was a special wine and cheese evening prepared for the parents of the children attending. After dropping off their kids, parents were able to stay around and share in some wine and matching cheese before Paul in first year gave a gospel presentation. Praise God that several parents who don’t usually attend church could come along!

After a big night on Friday the team was back at it again early on Saturday morning. We set up a stand in the Lane Cove Plaza, an open community area amongst the shops, while the local orchestral group performed in the pavilion. Hundreds of children came to the stand to get a balloon animal, have their face painted, and enter the Easter egg guessing competition. People from both the Moore College team and LCM Churches were able to engage with the local community and invite them along to the things that are happening over Easter. People were also invited to think about what God had to do with them by completing the thought “If I were God…” and writing it on a black board set up by the stand. My personal favourite was “If I were God, I’d get rid of Mondays.” It was so encouraging to see the huge engagement from the local community in what we were doing.

After our time in the Plaza, the ladies from the team headed to a women’s event where Talar spoke to around 30 women. While this was on some of the guys wandered around the local area to advertise the Easter events running at LCM Churches.

Throughout the rest of the day a number of the growth groups hosted events where their members were able to invite along some non-churched friends and introduce them to some church friends and invite them to more things that are happening around the place!

It was such an encouraging day seeing how LCM Churches love their community and want to bring them the message of Jesus.

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