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by | Apr 1, 2017 | Team Kingsford 17

Face painting. Paper airplanes obstacle course with sparklers (AKA Ring of Death). Portrait sketches. Worldview survey. Conversations. Visitors and church-goers. Bookstore with material for guests to take. Nerf gun shooting range. Jumping castle. Cartoons. Crafts. Petting Zoo. And there was some fun in there somewhere…

Oh! Hey there Blog-Viewer. I was just writing up a list of things that happened today for no particular reason and then realized you were reading my list! Well since you’re here now, I might as well run you through what happened today.

It was an absolute Blast! You’ve just read the list, and I know you’re wondering how we survived… I’m wondering too. But no matter, it was a great day Praise God for that! The Holy Trinity Anglican Church hosted an event called Easter-Fest where a whole range of activities were available for families to come along with their kids. The Moore college team, along with the church members manned the stands and were part of the crowd.

Many people came along including visitors. We were able to have some good conversations and give out some follow-up material at the bookstore. Other activities included portrait sketching which Jemima handled very well. Not surprisingly she was busy drawing all afternoon.

For the kids, there were their cartoons from the day before (Kids Club comic workshop) to pick up. Also a Jumping Castle, classic. Face painting, another classic (Which wasn’t just for kids either, adults have fun too). There was a paper aero plane obstacle course including a hanging hoop with a lit sparkler. And yes, some kids nailed it. Spectacular. Next to that a Nerf Gun firing range.    

It was a wonderful event.


Please pray God would use the work put into today to glorify his name and bring people to know him and be part of His family.

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