Young, Wild and FREE

by | Apr 1, 2017 | Team Glen Innes 17

If you’re a country music fan, put your hands up! Let me hear a woop woop! … Okay, maybe that’s a little too hip hop for y’all. I guess I’ll leave the crowd-hyping antics to the professionals (aka Dan, Jordan, Rhys and Todd (aka our mission team’s very own country boy-band)), who are heading up our Gospel Café’ gig in Guyra tonight.

 So roll up! We’ve been hitting the streets today, inviting locals to come along and be treated to free music, free hot chocolate, free dessert, and a free gift of grace! The first three are on us; that last one is straight from God himself. Between toe-tapping sets tonight, Dan will share with the crowd what this grace has meant for his life, and what it can mean for all of theirs too. We reckon Paul Kelly was right: From Little Things Big Things Grow.

Now let’s hear it for the ladies! Ayoooo! Most of us will be heading up to Glen Innes tonight for a women’s dinner. I’m stoked to be the one getting up the front and sharing with these women about how God’s view of us means we can stop playing ‘the comparison game’.

The whole team is abuzz with activity as we put the finishing touches on tonight’s preparations. Music practise drifts through headquarters, Marty’s entertaining the Minister’s kids out in the yard (or are they entertaining him?), and some of the team are en route to Armidale to buy supplies (note for future reference – Saturday arvo shopping does not exist here).


Please pray for our team tonight, spread across Guyra and Glen. Pray that we speak clearly of the hope we have in Jesus, and that God will bring many people along who will hear this good news and trust in him. Even country music fans are precious in his sight.

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