New Zealand Day 8: Game on!

by | Apr 2, 2017 | Team New Zealand 17

Today was a day of games with the team taking part in and watching rugby, soccer and board games with people we’ve met during the week who want to know more about Jesus.
Some of the guys even played up to three hours of soccer in the pursuit of building relationships and having gospel conversations – talk about perseverance!

Three hours in the beautiful Auckland sun

Others from the team were grabbing coffee with people who had expressed interest in getting to know Jesus more or EVers who wanted to think through how to talk to their friends about Jesus.

Catching a game with some guys Sim and John met this week through walk up

Brian had the awesome privileged of sharing the gospel with a Brazilian man who was in Auckland for just a few hours while his cruise ship was docked here! The man had identified himself as Catholic and was delighted to hear that Jesus offers free forgiveness. Brian’s pretty sure that this man understood grace properly day! What incredible timing God has! But follow up in this case is obviously tricky. Please join us in praying for this man as he sets off onto the sea that he would run into another faithful Christian on the ship who would help him work out what accepting grace means.

Board gaming it up

Loads of people this week have heard the gospel – praise God! Loads of people have been invited to church and to read the Bible with someone from EV. Thank God for the way people have been helpfully connected with EVers and pray for the follow up that will happen as we leave. It’s strange dropping in and out of a church, city and ministry. How good it is to know that we leave this week’s activities not simply in Auckland EV’s hands, but in the mighty hands of our Heavenly Father.
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