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If you’ve been following our blogs this week, you may have noticed something: we haven’t talked much about things we’ve done with Providence church. Sure, we talked about how the church is run, and showed you interviews with the pastor, Rory Shiner. But surely, we have done something with the church, haven’t we? Fear not! We have indeed. In fact, today we even got to go to their services! Here’s a couple of highlights from Providence church events this week.

The Q&A night

The big event this week was the Q&A night at a local bar on Wednesday. The topic was, well, anything! (seriously, you could ask anything) And it was a great night. Many from the church invited their friends, the place was packed, and the tone was robust but respectful! From questions on science and the historical reliability of the bible, to how God can allow suffering, questions were asked and answers given. One thing was clearly proclaimed: the Christian faith hangs on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After the formal question time, many good conversations were had, in which we were able to continue discussions and encourage people to investigate the claims and person of Jesus for themselves. Praise God for a great night! Please also pray for the follow up course starting this week, The Gospel in Four Meals, that many would attend and that God would reveal himself to them through his word and through his people. 

Answering the tough questions

We also finally got to attend the church services on Sunday afternoon (4pm and 6pm), and it was great to see how they do church there, and meet lots of people from the congregations. We were also able to help out with the kids program at the 4pm service, and the kids seemed to love Boof, the energetic but slightly clueless panda. It did feel strange to only go to church and meet people at the end of mission week, but it was a reminder of some of the difficulties facing gospel ministry in Perth. Sometimes, churches simply don’t have access to a venue.

Please join us in thanking God for the mission week we were part of in Perth. Thank him for showing us what ministry is like there, for challenging us in how we reach out to those around us with the gospel, and for giving us many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus. And please pray with us that God would continue to be at work in Perth through his people there. Pray that he would bless their ministries, enable them to proclaim the gospel faithfully and clearly, and to love the communities in which they live. Pray also that God would be raising up more people to serve in Perth in full time ministry. 

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