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It has been a busy few days for the Carnival team travelling around the area with our pop up kids carnival.

Most significantly, we welcomed baby Elizabeth Marcia Ellen Joy Tyler into the world, two days (fashionably) late. When we pulled our team photos together for the past days, Matt sent us this one. Everyone is doing well, please join us in giving thanks for Elizabeth and for praying for Matt and Ellen as they seek to raise her to love and serve the Lord.

On Tuesday the team headed to Hope Church Leppington to meet with Luther Symons and Cameron Noakes. Hope Church is in one of the growth corridors and is expecting huge growth over the coming years. We heard of their plans to build an auditorium for their congregation, which is already outgrowing the current building.

Little did we know that just up the road at Oran Park Anglican School, 178 Kids were primed and ready for the kids club. We hadn’t expected such large numbers (almost half the school), but we were so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with so many. Here are some pictures showing the scale of things, a bursting classroom full of kids hearing about Jesus the rescuer and a team that has just slung 300 sausages, 200 Zooper Doopers and 100 Coffees at the crowds.

On Wednesday morning some of us leafletted commuters at some of the new train stations. Others of us attended a seniors lunch, hearing of how Jesus is better than your doctor. It was great to have conversations with those at St Peter’s Campbelltown and hear how people fill in the blank with: Jesus is ______ .

A recurring theme was that Jesus is hope of eternal life. We capped off our Wednesday with another kids carnival at the wonderful Macarthur Anglican School. We were so encouraged by the team there and their gospel focus, and thankful for the help of some of the students.

It has been a busy week, and much of the work is very physical (packing and unpacking jumping castles, running a puppet show etc). For Prayer:

  • Give thanks that we’ve come this far with no major incident, sickness or problem.
  • Pray that the word of life would take hold in the hearts of those we’ve spoken to this week.
  • Pray for the Carnival on Thursday and Friday, for fine weather and great turnouts.
  • Pray that God would continue to sustain the team as we seek to go the distance until Sunday.