Jesus beats our greatest enemy

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Dialogue Evangelism (Day 3)

One of the new things the church tried as a part of this mission is dialogue evangelism in their growth groups. Mellisa went to the women’s growth group in the morning with the brief to present, “What Christians believe about Jesus”. The group had worked hard at prayerfully inviting people to the group, and God brought one visitor to the group. Mellisa shared what she had prepared then opened the floor to various questions like, “What do we do with the Old Testament laws?”, “How do you know whether you are listening to yourself or listening to Jesus?” and questions about complementarianism and women preaching. Gospel seeds have been planted, and the growth group are acquainted with another way to share the gospel with their friends.

Jack and Ryan headed to a growth group in the evening, where Jack was going to present on the same topic. In this group none of the friends they had invited came, so instead the group asked us for our thoughts on how to go about doing this kind of evangelism in the future. We were privy to a fairly robust discussion about the nature of evangelism, heard their stories of sharing the gospel with friends, and their hopes for seeing people won for the gospel in the future. We left feeling encouraged that the group was very keen to share the gospel, holding firmly to the truth of the message, but being willing to try lots of different methods to get it across.

Evangelism in Schools

The Huskies (that’s what we call ourselves, with accompanying wolf howls), spent the afternoon running our Scripture assemblies and classes. We did a skit, taught from Mark’s gospel about Jesus’ resurrection, and sang a song with them. The kids learned that Jesus is the one who defeated death who is our biggest enemy. We reminded them of Jesus’ love for them, which we know because he did this for us. We will be doing this program again on Thursday, and I’ll share a few more things about it then!


The boys howling like Huskies after the Scripture assemblies.



For Your Prayers:

  • Praise God for great opportunities to share the gospel.
  • Praise God for faithful Scripture teachers sowing the gospel every week in class.
  • Pray for good reflection and humility to reflect on today and improve it for Thursday.

Day 4’s Plan – All Day at Vincentia High School teaching Y7-8