DAY THREE // To All Generations

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Our third day of mission* gave us opportunities to speak to those from all generations. Here are some highlights:


We were delighted to be at both Caringbah and Cronulla playgroups. We brought our own donkey along to Caringbah (pictured) and were extremely encouraged by the large presence of new people at the Cronulla playgroup.


The Moore team was able to be at Cronulla and Kurnell schools teaching SRE. It was so encouraging to see that the whole of Cronulla public were present at the assembly run by our team which spoke loudly of the gospel.

In the evening, there was also an SRE supporters night. It was attended by about 50 people, all gathered to help raise finances for a local missionary working in public schools in the Shire East region. Please keep Jesse in your prayers as he hopes to raise $2200 per month to live off as he does this work.

Zack was one of our team members who went along to the night. Here’s what he looks like:

And here’s some more info about him:

Name: Zack Hankin
Year: 3/4 first year 1/4 second year
What I love about college: That I get time set aside to grow in God’s word to be able to prepare for full time ministry after graduating college.
What I love about mission: That we get to, not only experience different parts and types of ministry which we might not of had exposure to but that we get to love our brothers and sisters working in these areas by coming alongside their ministries to progress the kingdom of God.


We were also able to join in fellowship at a Book of Common Prayer service with lunch that ran at Cronulla, as well as a chapel service at Goodhew Gardens Retirement Home. At Goodhew, we were particularly encouraged by the intentionality of the residents in sharing the gospel with those in care who don’t know Jesus. One woman, living in independent living, shared that she had entered Goodhew with a mission focus. She spoke of the opportunity that she had had of leading another resident with severe dementia to Christ. Those working at Goodhew were eager to pray for us, not only during the service, but continually as we train for various ministries.

* While Wednesday was technically our third day of mission, some of us actually started mission a day early. We attended an art show put on by St Andrew’s Cronulla. While it was run by the church, it encouraged local artists to showcase their work. Here are some bonus photos from that day:

DAY THREE // To All Generations

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Uncategorized