Wannabe Superheroes and Rapping Romans in Robertson

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

At Robertson, Mez, Jordan, Josh and Grace spent the first part of the week immersed in the world of kids. It was a fun but significant challenge for us, since all the programs we needed to put together were for groups including kids from Kindergarten to Year 6. What games do you play so that Kindergarten kids don’t get bowled over by older kids, and so that older kids don’t get too quickly bored? How do you teach big concepts like sin, salvation and forgiveness in simple but clear and faithful terms?

On Tuesday morning there was a half hour Scripture Assembly at the local public school for kids. There were around 35 kids who were captivated by a skit about Zacchaeus and how he became friends with Jesus, because Jesus came to seek and save the lost. To help them remember this, there was a fun quiz, a song with actions, and a cool rap with Jordan on Romans 5:8.

Praise God for the staff team and church members at Robertson who have put such wonderful effort into teaching kids about Jesus, and that they’ve built good relationships with the local school to make Scripture classes happen. Pray that this would continue to happen so that kids can explore more of what it means to be friends with God.

On Wednesday afternoon there was Kids Club at church. The hope was that the kids would have fun and learn heaps, but that there would also be opportunities for church members to chat with their parents over afternoon tea. This time we had a whole hour and a half to fill – what were we going to do?! Thankfully, the dream team got together again to pool our creative resources. Captain Mega-Awesome was our wannabe superhero, who was suspiciously dressed like Buzz Lightyear. He learnt that Jesus is the real superhero – one who could calm a storm, forgive sins, and rise from the dead. It was a fun-filled afternoon of drama, song, games and quizzes.

Give thanks to God that the four of us worked really well together as a team (especially since mission is the first time we’ve done so). Pray that God would continue to sustain our energy levels. Give thanks to God that the kids were really engaged at Kids Club and keen to answer questions. Pray that more kids would come to Kids Club and that parents would stay behind to chat and connect with people at church. (Extra-curricular activities like soccer and dance can often compete for that time slot.)

Please pray too for the weekly playgroup. Many mums who bring their kids aren’t Christian, but seem keen to bring their kids every week. Mez and Grace got to some of the mums on Tuesday morning. Give thanks for Kirralee who organises playgroup, pray that she would continue to build good relationships with the mums and that good conversations about faith would come about.