Jesus is__ Working in Shoalhaven

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

It has been a busy few days for our team! God has been good and given us many opportunities around churches and schools to share the good news. Here’s a brief snapshot!


We’ve spent a lot of time in local high and public schools over the last few days. Praise God for the way the kids were engaging with the story of the Prodigal Son! Ben shared the story, and then ask the kids to make some observations about what they noticed. Many hadn’t heard the story before but made some quite insightful comments. For example, the Yr 7 boys in my group had expected the father to punish the wayward son and so were surprised at the ending where the father celebrated his return. They observed it wasn’t fair that the father had to pay the expense for his son’s wrongs – which led to a great discussion how Jesus paid the expense for our sin.

Pray the kids will reflect on what they’ve learned and put their trust in Christ!


  • Spending time with local Christians in Bible Studies
  • Andy visited a soup kitchen with Open House Fellowship where people from lower socio-economic areas get to hear the gospel
  • The Peter Jensen Afternoon Tea with over 100 elderly people in Bomaderry – he spoke powerfully that Jesus Is___our Hope for the Future
  • All Saints Anglican (Nowra) hosted a ladies dessert night with around 80 ladies – Karen gave a great talk on the woman at the well with the message that Jesus Is___ our Satisfaction in life.
  • Dave visited a community garden in Kangaroo Valley and struck up some great conversations with a Muslim man and a spiritualist. Pray for them!
  • Chris (our chaplain) got around singing “Super Saviour” with a bunch of primary kids – clearly he believes Jesus Is ___ Worth the Embarrassment! Good on you, Chris!


  • The big prayer point is for the Woolongong “Free to Be” youth event tonight.
  • Please pray for the ~2000 kids coming from all over the region that they would be convicted by the truth of the gospel.