The Heroic Husky Howls Again!

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Final Day of SRE (Day 5)

Greetings citizens!
It is I, the noble Heroic Husky, taking over the duties of writing this blog post!

My fan club, collectively known as “The Huskies” (Jack, Mellisa, James and Ryan), have been introducing many of the children in the local primary schools to their beloved superhero, The Heroic Husky! I have been auditioning young children to be my sidekick, testing whether they have super senses to reach into my bag of tricks and decipher what item is in there while being blindfolded. Many of the students figured out the items but could not connect them to Easter! As I attempted to stop the Basin Bandit on my own, I was thwarted at every turn and had to face the brutal reality that I was only an ordinary superhero. That’s when they told me about the superhero who defeated our greatest enemy, death!

Mellisa and James taught the kids all about Jesus defeating death in Mark 15:46-16:7. The kids interacted with the story and then learned some actions which they put to practice in a game that Jack led. The kids also got to hear how the chocolate Easter egg can remind them of this story! We started and finished the time with the children by learning an excellent song called, “Super Saviour” by Colin Buchanan. It was a very memorable lesson, one that I will not forget for some time!

I’m off to discover whether Jesus could use a sidekick.
Thanks for reading!

– The Heroic Husky


For Your Prayers

  • Praise God for a rich week of doing Scripture!
  • Praise God for the team working together well, creating a fun lesson for kids
  • Pray that kids will remember the good news of Jesus defeating death, by rising to new life.

Day 6’s plan – Door-knocking the community and Youth Event @ Wollongong