When one resident plants, another uproots…

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It was simultaneously heartbreaking and heart-warming to be involved in ministries to some neglected parts of our community.

Our Thursday/Friday in 6 Points

  • We handed out gospels to commuters at train stations
  • We ran our final three SRE assemblies
  • We helped run Jesus club at Jannali
  • We encouraged women considering Full Time Ministry
  • We visited residents at the Mildred Symons Aged Care Facility
  • Four youth groups came together at Jannali for a combined night

Our Thursday/Friday in 2 Stories

Imagine being a stockbroker in your early 50s and being struck with dementia, moving into an aged care facility. Or still thinking you’re the landscape gardener for the aged care facility, not realising you’re a resident. Or believing that you are (like you always have been) a farmer at harvest time, and so you pull up the garden that the landscape gardener has just planted. Welcome to Mildred Symons Aged Care facility. We were invited as a team to take part in their morning of singing hymns and a couple of our team were able to share their testimony. It was great to see Rhys and Loraine, who are chaplains at the facility, so dedicated to the residents and to this much-needed area of ministry. Pray for these residents, that they may discover Jesus. Thank God for people who devote their lives to caring for those who aren’t able to care for themselves.


Imagine being 17 years old but being unable to function or do anything that a 9-year-old can’t do. You’d be mighty thankful for Jesus club. March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day, and as Al Mohler at the Gospel Coalition put it, “The Christian worldview insists that the face of a child with Down syndrome is infinitely more beautiful than an airbrushed model on the cover of a fashion magazine” this is really put into practice by those who volunteer at Jesus Club. In a world of image consciousness and ability celebrating, Jesus Club is a place which is special for those who lack some abilities, and it is a place that reminds us that we are all made in God’s image. Thank God for people who devote their lives to caring for those who aren’t able to care for themselves. Pray that our world and our culture would treat all people as the image bearers they are.

Marlee speaks with one of the residents of the Mildred Symons Aged Care facility

Jack, Sarah and Jireh join Anglicare Chaplain Rhys in leading the hymn singing