Lucy had a fantastic morning praying with six other women at a regular prayer meeting in Bundanoon. They got to pray for evangelism in their own lives and across the Wollongong region, for their church family and for one another. Lucy was greatly encouraged by these women and their bible soaked, gospel centred, honest and others focused prayers. Praise God for these women and their faithful ministry of prayer.

Andrew and Paul headed out with the Sutton Forest Parish Assistant Pastor, Matt Taylor and one of the dear saints Jenny from Exeter visiting some tiny local village schools in Wingello, Tallong and Penrose to teach the kids about who “Jesus is”. It was encouraging to hear these kids articulate Jesus could forgive sins because he’s the son of God, and to see Matt caring pastorally through incidental chats with local parents and teachers as we went along. Pray for these kids that they would keep thinking through who Jesus is for them, and pray for the teachers who listened in that they would be impacted by the gospel also.

We joined in with around 30 kids at the local “Explorers” kids club. Paul led some fun games, Andrew shared how “Jesus is the Best Medicine” and Lucy gave a fantastic talk about how “Jesus is the greatest superhero”. It turns out that Ironman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Superman, Batman aren’t that great coz every time they defeat one the “bad guy”, another “bad guy” appears, whereas Jesus defeated sin and death and saved the world once and for all.  Pray for these kids, most of whom are from non-Christian families, that they would come to trust in the one true superhero who can actually save them. Pray especially for Explorers as Matt prepares to leave – that the other leaders will have the energy and time to keep Explorers thriving until the new assistant minister arrives.

Andrew and Lucy visited a dear old saint whose frail body has taught her that there is truly nothing she can do to earn her salvation. After a life of service in the church, it’s only now as she stands on the brink of eternity that she has truly understood the peace of knowing Jesus paid it all. She has a wonderful hope of heaven and can’t wait to get there! In the meantime she is a true prayer warrior and hug dispenser! Pray that she would continue to encourage everyone she meets, and pray for her 4 children to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.