Meet the neighbours!

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Door-knocking the community (Day 6)

The Huskies headed out to a new community development area, Bayswood, and met up with people from the church and our chaplain, Andrew Leslie. There were a few church members who lived in this community, but a large majority were naval families from the large naval base here. Generally the trend is that the husbands go to sea for six months of the year, and then are at home for the other six months, so we figured there would be people at home. The area was also home to many retirees, which also meant people should be home.

We started with some prayer, then split into pairs and headed out through the community. Most houses turned out to be empty, though there were a few good conversations out of it. We didn’t have anyone particularly interested in finding out more, but we prayed for God to use our positive witness as a means to help people come to church in the future. We were encouraged by the presence of a few Christians in the community who God placed in key points to keep us motivated to continue the door-knocking when we were feeling a bit flat. When the rain started to get heavy, we headed to lunch with Ray, the minister at the church.

1 Cor 9:19-23

After some consultation, thinking and prayers, one of Huskies decided that he would undergo a radical physical transformation for the sake of providing a positive witness to the community in evangelism.

Free To Be!

In the evening, Mellisa and Ryan headed down to the Wollongong Youth Event (“Free to Be”) with four youth from church to help them be part of the wider Christian community of their region. It was an encouraging event, where the gospel was clearly proclaimed, particularly that God knows all about us and still loves us despite that, so we are free to be his people through Jesus’ death for us. One of the youth was dumbstruck at the end of the event at the sheer numbers of passionate Christian youth in his area. Going to a public school with only has a handful of Christians then going to a youth event with 2000 Christians singing and listening attentively to God’s Word was an experience beyond his speech!

For Your Prayers:

  • Praise God for being present in the community and sharing Jesus in Bayswood.
  • Praise God for the youth being able to see many Christian youth in their region.
  • Pray for their perseverance in the gospel until Jesus returns.

Day 7’s plan: Evangelism in the local park (and rest!)