The Rule of Three

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I’ve heard it said that things work better when they come in a trio.  Well, it seems to be the way God operates, particularly on Day 6 of the South Wollongong mission.

3 English for Life students

On Friday, 25 adult students came for a free 2 hour basic English lesson provided by St John’s Keiraville.  This week, the topic was ‘Jesus is…’.  Brian, Dan and I were each given the privilege of leading a group of 3 students in the listening and speaking activities.   They listened as we read a story about Jesus from the bible, then discussed comprehension questions together as a group. At the end of the lesson, the students were encouraged to think of questions they could ask Brian, a 4th year Moore College student.  The questions were rather tricky to answer concisely (and in easy English, and without drawing on a lot of backround bible knowledge!), but revealed a genuine curiosity about the Christian faith amongst the students.  Some questions that were asked included:

  • as a Christian, do you go to the doctor when you are sick, or do you just pray to Jesus? (after reading the story of Jesus healing the sick)
  • If I am good, will I live a long time?
  • Does Jesus hear us if we pray through Mary?
  • Jews don’t eat pork; Buddhist don’t eat meat. What do Christians avoid eating?

3 students at TIGS

In God’s kindness, the team that returned to The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS) witnessed God’s mighty work at bringing sinners to himself, as three grade 6 students prayed to God to become a Christian!

3 youth at the ‘Free to Be’ Event

And again, in God’s kindness, our team witnessed God’s grace as 3 youths who attended the Free to Be event made a commitment to Christ!  About 20 others also came forward to chat and ask questions of the leaders.

Please pray:

  • Praising God for his mercy and grace, as in His patience and kindness he continues drawing sinners out of darkness into the light.
  • that those who responded publically and privately would be filled with all joy and peace in believing, growing in their knowledge and love of Christ, and holding fast to the hope found in Him
  • that God would strengthen them in their inner being, so that when trials, hardships and the things of the world tempt them away, the Word would be firmly grounded in their hearts, producing an abundant crop to the glory of our Father
  • For those who have not yet bowed to Jesus, that God will enable them to keep investigating Christ, and that He will give them understanding and a willing heart to trust and obey Him as their Lord.
  • For the chaplains and leaders connected to the students – that God would enable them to follow up well with the students, pointing them to the grace of Christ, and welcoming them into the local church family.

Sadly, the Rule of Three does not leave room for me to mention all the other exciting things God is doing at the Port Kembla and Warrawong Kids Club and Youth group, nor the St Michael’s Kids Club, nor the radio opportunity a few students were given, nor the opportunities at Cedar Christian College.  But be encouraged.

Jesus is … risen.

Jesus is … Lord.

Jesus is … still in the business of saving!