Jesus is my Replacement

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Our final day (Day 8)

The Huskies spent the last day like we did the first. Meeting at church with God’s people, and having lunch with the minister, Ray, in his home. Although it was similar in terms of content, it felt different. Before we were feeling unsure about the week ahead, and now we felt thankful for what happened this week. We spent the time on the first Sunday at church meeting unfamiliar people, and now we met brothers and sisters whom we dearly loved and were leaving. We didn’t know much about this community and area, and leave with a better understanding of life and ministry in the South Coast.

As people devoted to God’s Word, it was also fitting that we finished like we started, by hearing God’s Word preached faithfully and clearly and calling people to repent and believe in Jesus. We heard about two youth who had put their trust in Jesus from the youth event on Friday night, Mellisa shared her testimony during the morning service, and James preached from Matthew 27:11-26. James used the passage about Barabbas to help us see how Jesus was our substitute. God brought MANY people to the service this Sunday, as the 10am service doubled in number to the previous week and the hall seemed 90% filled! There were people there who wouldn’t know Jesus’ substitution for them on the cross, and here they had the opportunity to hear it for the first time!

This mission has been a very joyful experience for us. We were able to participate in ministries that we don’t do in our normal church roles. We were able to work together effectively as a team, prayerfully dependent on God. We were able to minister alongside the saints at Jervis Bay Anglican in gospel partnership.


For Your Prayers:

  • Praise God for all he has done in us and through us this week
  • Praise God for the many who came and heard his Word preached
  • Pray for the saints to continue ministering joyfully and seeking to save the lost

Day 9’s plan – Rest day! Spending time with our families and friends, then continuing our studies at College.