Mission Accomplished! (sort of)

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It’s a now/not yet kind of thing 😉

Sunday saw our final day of official mission partnership with the churches in the Illawarra. We again went along to our host churches for the day, with a brief meeting together with the majority of the team in the afternoon at Kiama Anglican. This was a wonderful time and an opportunity to give thanks to God for his work throughout the week. We would love if you would join us in praising God for what He did, and the work we are confident He will continue doing in the Illawarra region.

Thank God
– For the faithfulness of the staff and ministers in the Illawarra region. For their willingness to work together with humility and grace.
– For the conversations throughout the week, great and small, where people were challenged to consider how they would fill in the blank, Jesus is ____.
– For the many children and young people who heard the gospel in SRE assemblies and seminars throughout the week.
– For the SRE teachers that continue this ministry, week in and week out, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in schools.
– For the freedom we have to proclaim Jesus as Lord, even in public spaces such as the Shellharbour Civic Centre.
– For the many people who attended the public talks, for those who were challenged and encouraged, and for those who decided to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus.
– For the Free to Be event, which had over 2200 young people attend. For the many young people who had their hearts captivated by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
– For our chaplains (Lionel, Phil, Alison and Julie) who demonstrated compassion and wisdom in pastorally caring for our team throughout the week. For their time, energy, thoughtfulness and love.
– For the hospitality and encouragement of our billets, who opened their hearts and homes to us for the week.
– For the opportunities we had to minister to people of all ages and stages in their walk with God.
– For the opportunities we had to learn from people we encountered, to listen to their stories and rejoice in how God is at work in and through them.
– For our partnership with people who are involved in ongoing ministry and mission throughout the Illawarra region.
– That our work throughout the week was finite and limited, yet we know that God will continue this through others. That our part in Moore Illawarra Mission has been accomplished, but the mission of proclaiming Jesus as Lord will continue throughout our lives, and throughout the Illawarra.
– For His Son.