Day 0 / Toward Tamworth…

by | Mar 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Five hours. 410 kilometres. Fifteen team members. It was a long drive from Newtown to our destination. With just one stop at Singleton Square for lunch, we arrived as the sun was setting over the flat horizon.

As the sun went down, we shared chicken skewers and sausages and stories on a sprawling property on the top of a hill. We enjoyed the fresh country air as we caught up with our old friends, Pip and Jum Naden. Jum is now an Assistant Minister at St Peter’s Anglican Church!

We also met the rest of St Peter’s ministry staff team personally – Rod, Xavier and Emma. And once our feast was over, we sat together and prayed for the four services we will be involved in tomorrow, and for the exciting week of partnership we have ahead with the church.

Please join with us and pray:

  1. for our preachers, James, Brian and Tom as they speak at the three services (and for Jum who is preaching at the 8am service).
  2. for our relationship with the church as we get to know the staff and the church members on Sunday and for the rest of the week together.
  3. for God to be using our week with the church to bring many of Jesus’ lost sheep back into the fold.