Day 1 / Grace and Love Demonstrated

by | Mar 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

After the long drive up on Saturday from Sydney the team officially started their week of mission by visiting the Sunday services and events at Camden Haven Anglican church. (Camden haven is about 5 hours north of Sydney and around 30 minutes south of Port Macquarie).

Our first day at Camden Haven had us split up across two congregations. Half of us went to Lake Cathie where Stephen preached to the 9:30 congregation on the hope we have in Romans 5. The congregation were eager to welcome the students and newcomers. The students also had some great conversations after the service and several people shared their testimonies with them.

At Camden Haven, Curtis preach about the good life from John 10 to the 8am and 10am congregations. There were a few moments throughout the service for us to witness the love and compassion that the congregation has for members of its community facing various hardships and struggles. Something that could have been considered a distraction or hinderances to the service was instead a moment of grace and love demonstrated by the church community.

At both congregations we also had the chance to help with the children’s groups. The children were spirited and full of energy. They were excited to meet us and we were eager to share with them a little bit about ourselves and Christ and talk with them about Jesus’ Parables. Our Chaplains George and Allison also had the chance to share their testimonies across the congregations.

For lunch we were able to participate in the Sunday youth meeting. We ate together, talked about evangelism, had some fun and got to know each other well. The youth showed a great understanding of what it means to tell someone about Jesus and were challenged to tell someone this week. We look forward to hearing of the results of their efforts next Sunday.

In the evening service at Camden Haven, Stephen preached on hope again. This service had a variety of different people from different backgrounds who have all come together to worship and know Christ more. The Team really enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing pizza with them after the service.

Overall today was a great opportunity to get to know our brothers and sisters in Christ at Camden Haven and the team is very excited for the opportunities that await us this week.