Day 1 / Newman Anglican Part 2

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Team North West Australia were the first to hit the road, heading out on Friday morning Sydney time and touching down in our respective locations, Geraldton and Newman, on Friday evening Perth time, #MooreWestThanPenrith.

The Newman crew arrived to the threat of Cyclone Veronica making her way toward the Pilbara Coast. Locals were hoping that this would bring much needed rain 530km inland to Newman. And whilst the rain didn’t eventuate, Veronica did bring a much-needed drop in temperatures from the 40 degrees plus which the locals had endured most of the summer to a much more civilised 30 degrees which us east-coast, city-slicker softies were very thankful for! Saturday was spent talking with Roger and Amanda Kyngdon about the joys and challenges of ministry in a small remote town and also with Ted Brush, who has joined the team from Bush Church Aid, about their ministry and the opportunities there are for Moore College grads to serve in much less resourced areas of Australia. The afternoon was spent going for a drive up to the lookout near town and having dinner together with all of our billets, the Kyngdons and some other leaders from Newman Anglican Church.

Sunday saw us all at church together for the single service of the day. Laurie from second year spoke from John 9, reminding us that we are all spiritually blind and that we need the light of the world, Jesus Christ, so that we may truly see. Bethany from third year shared her testimony about how God has been working in her life, and Sarah from second year and our faculty member Jane went out with the kids and taught them that Abraham trusted God so they can too! Church was followed by lunch with all the congregation together. It was a great time of meeting the Christians of Newman and we felt very welcomed and encouraged. Bethany was able to have a conversation with an older Martu woman named Amy. Amy was in town from one of the remote Aboriginal communities and was brought to church by one of the parishioners. Amy’s English was not very strong, but she was able to tell us that we have “one Father” – what a great blessing and encouragement!

Please pray:

  • That we would continue to have opportunities to listen and learn from the Christians of Newman.
  • For the events and activities that we will be a part of during the rest of the week, that we would be good representatives of Newman Anglican Church, Moore College, and ultimately our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • For the garage sale on Saturday at the church’s op-shop St Garages, that it would be an opportunity for members of the Newman community to get linked in with the church.
  • That many Moore College grads would move to the bush for the sake of the gospel.

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