Day 1 / The Gospel in Hong Kong

by | Mar 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

At our first Sunday with St. Andrew’s church in Kowloon, our team was spread across the different services throughout the day (4 English services, 1 Mandarin service, 2 Youth services, 2 Kids services, and a service at a sister church called Resurrection church in Sai Kung). YC preached an evangelistic talk at the Mandarin service, Dan preached at the Youth services, and Elle oversaw the Kids’ program.

We’re so thankful for the time we’ve spent gathering with the saints at St. Andrew’s, praising our God and sitting under his word together. We’re so amazed by the work God is doing in this city.

Dan preaching at youth service

Our very own Rev. Dr. Ed preached from John 3:1-15 about how the change we all need is to be born again spiritually, and that we can’t do this by our own strength or works – this can only happen by looking to Jesus, the crucified one. After the sermon, a woman from the congregation shared with us that she felt compelled to stand up and shout at the top of her lungs, “What this man says is true! It is all true!

Praise God over 1000 people heard the gospel today. Pray that many, if not all, would respond to Jesus in faith and repentance.

Give thanks for:

  • The partnership we have with St. Andrew’s to preach the gospel in Hong Kong
  • God’s word which has the power to save

Pray for:

  • God to grow the saints at St. Andrew’s in the knowledge of his Son, and raise up leaders to minister to the many newcomers and young believers in the church
  • The team: humility to learn, energy to serve, and wisdom as we prepare for upcoming talks and testimonies.