Day 2 / Campus Evangelism

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Having enjoyed the generous hospitality of our billets and families, the team safely navigated the crowded but super convenient MTR public transport system to the church. We started our day with a team meeting, then had the privilege of joining the St Andrew’s weekly staff meeting. Vicar Alex opened our time with Luke 18:9-34, reminding us about humbly finding our confidence in Jesus’ righteousness, not in our righteousness, works or wealth. It was encouraging to partner with our brothers and sisters in prayer and gospel work, and to learn about ministry in a large international church in the centre of Hong Kong.

Al from St Andrew’s providing training for campus evangelism

After a delicious Cantonese lunch, we headed to City University to survey students about their worldviews and invite them to the FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Undergraduate Students) group run by church. Praise God for the many great gospel conversations (in English, Cantonese and Mandarin) with international and local students, and a number of students interested in coming to FOCUS and the Ceilidh outreach event on Friday night.

A story: J had heard a bit about Christianity as a child but hadn’t really heard the gospel before. After going through Two Ways to Live, he said yes to wanting to following Jesus (although it was hard to tell if he said this out of politeness!) and was interested in joining the FOCUS group. Please pray that God would continue to work in J’s heart to come to true repentance and a saving faith in the Lord Jesus.

Praise God also for the 3 Christian students from FOCUS who came with us and encouraged us by their boldness and excitement in stepping out of their comfort zones to meet students and share the gospel with them.

It’s been humbling and amazing to see and reflect on how the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the power of salvation for all people, transcending language and cultural barriers.

Give thanks for:

  • The faithful gospel proclamation and service of the saints at St Andrew’s Church.
  • The opportunities to meet and share the gospel with students at City University, and train current students in evangelism

Please pray for:

  • The students we met, that God would draw them to know Jesus to find life in His name, and that they would get linked in with FOCUS and come to the Ceilidh event (Friday)
  • Fruitful gospel conversations later this week at Baptist University (Wednesday) and Hong Kong University (Thursday)
  • The 1000+ girls who will attend school assemblies at the Diocesan Girls Junior School (DGJS) and Diocesan Girls School (DGS) on Thursday and Friday respectively – that their hearts would be open to the gospel preached by members on the team, and that God’s word would bear eternal fruit in their lives.